PEACH on the Street: Access Alderney

Dartmouth Open Street Sunday (Sept. 2021)

PEACH on the Street: Access Alderney showcased some design ideas during Dartmouth’s Open Street Sunday to make Alderney Plaza a more inclusive and accessible community space, in collaboration with the Alderney Placemaking Project conducted by the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, Halifax Public Libraries, and the Cities and Environment Unit.

The Alderney Placemaking Project started out as a student project at the Dalhousie School of Planning, where a group of masters students were tasked with reimagining the Alderney Plaza. Since then, the project has gained momentum as more community partners have become involved. The Cities and Environment Unit, the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission, Halifax Public Libraries, and PEACH Research Unit have been working together to design an inclusive space for people of all ages and abilities that is reflective of the community’s desires.

Accessible environments enable participation for everyone – regardless of age, gender, physical stature, or ability. Accessible design includes anything that improves the ease of use for people who experience a range of physical, cognitive, and mental functioning. Our PEACH on the Street site included a few selected features of accessible spaces. We can only showcase a few features at a time and hope to conduct testing like this that are important to other types of abilities at future events. Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on these features through our in-person and online survey.

This is a map of vendors present along Portland St. during Open Street Sunday

(Sept. 19, 2021.)